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Welcome to Urban Home - Sole Proprietorship L.L.C privacy policy, a company incorporated in the United Arab Emirates, having its registered office in PO Box 54999 Abu Dhabi maintains this website.

English Home respects your privacy which includes the Platform's information and communication. We are specifically committed to protecting the collective personal data section from the software to services that come over while having an integration with the website. Our privacy would conveniently guide online visitors, customers, employees and the public to use our products or take part in the competition. This privacy & security policy tells you their privacy rights and informs our users how the law protects them and for what reason we collect, store and use personal information. It is important that you read this privacy policy, to know that all credit/debit card details and personally identifiable information stays always safe in our hands. It is also necessary to mention that no information will be stored, sold, shared, rented or leased to any third parties and if at all is the legal situation to share, then you will be explicitly notified. Some of the advertisements you see on the website do not knowingly collect personal data from you and are delivered to third parties. Also, we do not have any kind of concern in regard to your personal data to disclose to the ad networks and audience segment providers.

As per the privacy policy, we do not completely discard the matter of third parties collecting your information. The concern goes to having an understanding of your tailored interests so as to deliver the apt ads to grab your attention. The different modes of cookies unknowingly tend to keep an eye on you and your online activities through a new technology base. Please remember that if you have any concerns regarding any that we do not have access to please make sure you contact us to know the information we have included in our privacy policy about the third parties collecting information. This privacy does not specify the complete third-party information practices as a whole.

What personal information do we collect from you and how?

English Home collects users' personal information and explicitly mentions how and why it is done. These never go responsibly when the user makes an online order and purchases with an online payment option. The user's payment details are never stored here. English Home may or may not ask you for the details, especially the personal information to collaboratively provide its products and services to customers, including by way of example,

  • When you enter a sweepstake with English Home, like an online contest as part of the promotion sponsored by us.
  • When you complete surveys, data privacy is our concern and the same is the case with other questionnaires too.
  • The question of data privacy also arises when you send an email to us.
  • The site asks you for the data also when you create an account on the English Home website.
  • You may give us data when you order and interact with us
  • You may also give us data when you subscribe to our corresponding loyalty programme.

When you sign up for the English Home website, our web servers put up the effort to collect the domain names of users.

This information aggregated makes enquiries on the number of visits or the request would receive to measure the average time spent on our Platform, and information like pages viewed are also sent among other things.

What we do & don't do with your personal information

As you interact with us, your personal data could be used for the following:

  • When the products are ordered the proper processing is facilitated.
  • As a request to direct development enhancements
  • For the schemes of marketing and promotional purposes
  • To participate in the competition with a better design and website
  • To provide better engagement with purchase recommendations and to provide customised shopping experiences.
  • To help enter a valuable marketing strategy and execute a promotion through banner ads or emails, or through a survey sent by third parties under contract.
  • To do research on improved content in order to showcase a better understanding of the user’s demographics, interests and behaviour.
  • To put up a managed Loyalty program with the English Home Loyalty program.

English Home is always crucial to keep your personal information safe and never disclose your information without your consent, but the disclosure happens with your personal information in either of the following cases and third parties.

  • With our concerned sibling or parent companies.
  • Data transfer occurs for the reason of storing or processing via the cloud servers.
  • Sharing does occur with the service provider as part of processing your service request.
  • All our consent third-party business partners and service providers stick seriously to this privacy policy content and always stay consistent with it.
  • In certain cases, it becomes necessary to disclose the necessary information, especially to deal with legal actions regarding the violations of the website's terms and conditions or the interference with others as well as our properties.
  • Also, whenever the law demands, we indeed submit the same.

We care about your security

An individual's personal information only serves our legitimate business purposes and the privacy of the information is always kept safe with ensured security and integrity in accordance with the industry-standard security technology. Any information possibly falling into the hands of a third party through our website or content will never be our responsibility and no breach of security for the actions of any third parties will no longer remain our concern. Access to your personal information is always open in order to facilitate a fulfilment or to resubmit with more accuracy. As an immediate relinquishment of the processing of the loyalty programme, the objection and the refusal of data transfer to a third party as well as advertising is strictly considered to follow by all means. In cases to be able to address the rights indicated here with this privacy policy, do issue a written declaration to [email protected]

What you need to know about our cookies

Cookies are herein for record-keeping purposes, a reliable piece of information that holds up with the sole right for recording transferred to the user's hard disks. Cookies are also a tracking code for the users visiting the advertising banners and hyperlinks, backed by pixel tags and/or similar technologies. Cookies open seamless access to our platform and to have easy and good traversal on our site the user should consent to place our cookies on their device.

What about policy changes?

By simply posting an update on our site, we own the sole right to bring in necessary changes in the privacy policy section. Using the website ahead would explicitly be considered as an agreement to any such changes and to determine the updated version, you can check out the privacy policy section to which are abide bound. It shall be only at your risk to use the website without the periodic review of the privacy policy section which may, in turn, put you in trouble if you get subjected to certain kinds of actions associated with the website.

Website terms of use

This privacy policy does not create any conflict with the site's terms and conditions and does incorporate references.

Are you looking for more information?

All your queries and concerns regarding the privacy policy can be pushed to our customer care at [email protected]

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