About US

Award Winning Interior Design

An international Interior Designing and Contracting Company

• We are English Home interior design and design implementation part of English Home Group, founded in 2015, our team comprises of multicultural architects, interior designers, and engineers who are bold and collaborative, fueled by passion and enthusiasm for the profession.

• Our team dedicates its time in providing cost effective turnkey and fit out solutions with quality, commitment, time-specified delivery, safety, security and a long term client relation.

• At the end of the day, it’s about people—all kinds of people, with different needs, desires, and stories to tell—and everyone deserves access to it. With imagination and the will to try, great design can happen for any client, in any place, at any time. We know, because we do it every day.

About EH Interior Design

• We do everything for our clients, from concept to project delivering, including all permissions and drafting required under UAE authorities.

• Having experience in commercial, hospitality and residential projects, we provide an interactive and collaborative design and construction process, wherein clients are engaged and informed in making decisions in order to reach consensus and move projects forward to successful completion.


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